Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Very Innocent and Pure Hearted 

Finding innocent, pure-hearted people in terrible situations is precious. Astrology can illustrate innocentness by studying how celestial bodies effect human conduct and personalities. Discover the five pure-hearted zodiac signs.  

Kind crab Cancer symbolizes innocence. Their love and charity motivate them. Their pure hearts make them selfless caregivers. Cancers welcome new feelings. Kindness and empathy shine.  


Pisces are sensitive and creative, so two antagonistic fish represent innocence. They notice beauty others miss due to childlike excitement. Caring people plan. All-giving Pisces is amazing.  


Libra is pure and lawful. A good team. A desire to help drives their mediation and healing. Libras balance others and are positive.  


Archers symbolize Sagittarius' purity, energy, and adventure. Active and promising. Their open hearts and brains allow them to see the best in people and situations, even in tough conditions. Because optimistic, Sagittarians are innocent.  


Wassertransporter Inventive Aquarius. They want global change. They appear innocent by envisioning a humanitarian and progressive future outside the law. Fresh hearts help Aquarians survive.  


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