When Can Babies Sit Up?

Between 4 and 7 months, babies sit up independently. However, baby timing varies greatly. The general sitting milestone timeframe is:

1. 4 Months

Some newborns can hold their head steady and sit with support, such as resting themselves on their elbows during tummy time.

2. 5 to 6 Months

Most newborns can sit with hands or pillows by this age. Sitting may also cause them to reach for things.

3. 6 to 7 Months

Many babies can sit up unsupported for brief periods around this time. Sitting improves balance and stability.

4. 7 to 9 Months

Most babies can sit up and balance by 7–9 months. Sitting to crawling or standing may also happen.

Babies develop at different speeds, therefore some may reach these milestones early. Give your baby a safe, comfy seat and watch them grow. Comfort your doctor by discussing baby's progress and milestones.

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