Why Did Katniss Kill Coin in The Hunger

Katniss Everdeen's killing of President Alma Coin in "The Hunger Games" trilogy, especially in "Mockingjay," is a pivotal moment with complex motivations and circumstances. 

Throughout the series, Katniss realizes Coin's manipulation and powergrabbing. Coin uses Katniss's Mockingjay status for political gain, even at the expense of innocent lives.

Betrayal and Manipulation 

As the Capitol rebellion grows, Katniss questions Coin's true intentions and the kind of leader she would be if she takes power. 

Suspicions of Coin's Intentions 

Katniss wants justice for her sister Prim, who Coin bombed, so she assassinates Coin. 

Personal Vendetta and Justice for Prim 

Katniss wants to stop Coin from becoming dictator and starting another dictatorship like President Snow's. 

Protecting the Future 

In conclusion, Katniss kills President Alma Coin in "Mockingjay" out of betrayal, suspicion, vendetta, and a desire to protect Panem's future.  


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