Why You Can't Spot Reduce Fat & What To Do Instead

Losing fat is simpler than you think. Start new behaviours, exercise, and sleep well every night. Resting, eating protein, and drinking water speeds weight reduction. Most people assume they merely need to lose love handles and thighs and are not overweight. The torso and lower body store the most fat, making weight loss difficult.


1. Body-Specific Fat Loss

Focused fat loss is called spot reduction in fitness. Instead of weightlifting, practice crunches to lose abdominal fat. Fat eradication is impossible, spot reduction unscientific. We grow fat proportionally and lose weight. Face fat melts faster than resistant fat like the lower body and chest.

2. Master Compound Moments

Train many muscles in compound workouts to gain strength and burn calories. Strenuous workouts burn stubborn fat. Squats, deadlifts, overhead shoulder presses, and bench presses are compound exercises. Squats burn quads and body fat. Shoulders, deadlifts, and benches burn upper body fat.

3. Empty Stomach Workout

Fat is used for energy when you workout on an empty stomach. Fat offers energy. Cardio on an empty stomach burns more calories since our heart rate rises. I love how an empty stomach workout starts the day.

4. Don't Be Predictable

The human body is smart and learns quickly. Alternate starting your routine with the treadmill every 15 days, and increase your exercise sets from three to four. Small alterations shock your body and help you lose fat.

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